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kaku Souvenir

A stationery brand based on the concept of gifts for those that matter from a printing company


The careful attention only possible from a printing company

Gifts that surprise with the unlikely

Small luxuries

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Refining ink manually, trying out different papers to test writing comfort in order to create a better notebook, and so on. Our products are packed with our unique technologies as a printing company and our commitment to detail.

By paying close attention to every detail, we deliver gifts that seem unlikely.

Souvenirs are small gifts. Ours add a little extra to the everyday.


Kenkousya has always cherished seasonal greetings. Our Kaku Souvenir stationery brand was launched out of this passion. We will continue to develop stationery that showcase our commitment to detail.


Mutsugami in Japanese refers to six sheets
of paper. This is a small size that expresses
the four seasons of Japan with beautiful
gradations consisting of six paper colors.
Enjoy the differences in texture and writing
experience that each provides. Artisans
carefully bind 36 sheets of paper—six sheets
of each color—by hand, one by one.






Four seasonal colors to enjoy

A step binding that makes it easy to select paper

A small size that easy to use

Six papers that afford six wonderful writing experiences

Size・Weight・Country of Origin: Size: 76 x 199 x 4 mm (6th step) / 6 sheets for each step /

Product Details:148 pages / Grid ruled / Offset 73 spot color printing / PUR binding

73-color landscape Notebook


Dark Gray

Orange Brown


A notebook printed in 73 colors with ruled lines that change color with each turn of the page.
Each of the 73 colors has a name that embodies the landscape we envision from it.
This product comes in three different colors.

Printed in 73 colors

73 colors, each their own landscape

Paper with a good texture

An easy-to-open notebook

* Of the 73 colors, some are hard to see. However, as a feature of that color, it is printed as it is. Please refer to the landscape names shown in the text here.

Size・Weight・Country of Origin: 148×210×7 mm / 196g / Tokyo (Japan)

Product Details:146 pages / Grid ruled / Offset 73 spot color printing / PUR binding