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A notebook that wraps a landscape of 73 colors

List of landscape names

All 73 colors have color names that imagine the scenery that you imagine from those colors.

The reason why I am me / The thread of ordinary relations / Kaorufu early summer blusher / Favorite sweetness / The appearance I longed for that day / Innocent curiosity / When I started to feel the heat / Merrick's elegant tea party / Allegory Portrait to wear / Noble southern heavenly throne / Lightproof body of 1859 / Dining table with offilia / Boundary swaying in the sun umbrella / Water lily of the sun / Dyeing of the riverside / Takamine of the deep window / Love breath in the deep snow / Wine for 100 years / Like a slight poison Love / Unused lipstick / Tropical fish phosphorescence / Electromagnetic wave of 24.5561 / Wisdom electronic axis / Circuit that falls in love / Her crystal body / Polka dot deck brush / Depressing cyanos / Cherry blossoms as a concept / Moving thoughts / Innocent magenta / Pale Konoha no Manimani / Your wrapped summer slope / Curiosity of 倖 倖 saffron / Monochrome memory / Night and night love / Gentleman carbon / King's personality / Eternal oath / Brightness of the earth / Wow of tomorrow / That summer when I was a child / Symbol of a balloon / Hohoiro decoration string / Cuteness as a pity / Kyukenhof's flower path / Dream of sinking soda / Glass in a goldfish bowl / Blue blue Hawaii / Metasequoia butterfly / Grain of crowd in May / Ferte's Potage / Star Queen and Waltz / Sunlight diluted with water / What tells the Cathedral / Curiosity's love sentence / Milk chocolate / Freshly ground bean scent / Violet ice cream / Akane Sasu Fujitana's hair / Curiosity of the time book / Night fog brick arc light / Full moon in the back of memory / Fallen tree on a certain edge / Blue moment / Shadow of twilight / Sunbeams in late summer / Blueberry jam / Turn over 5th time 2:00 am / Eve of Christmas Eve / Everything is perfect Night / Orange peel chocolate / Zero knows more than anyone / Primitive sea

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