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kaku Custom

A web service that allows you to customize your notebook to suit your lifestyle

The order site is only available in Japanese. In addition, orders can only be shipped within Japan.







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Orders can be placed even for single volumes

Kaku’s minimum lot is one (1) volume. Create your own notebook starting at a single volume

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Orders begin at 500 yen

The basic price is 500 yen for an A5 size 40-page notebook. *Additional charges will be added depending on other options

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Wide-ranging customization

A variety of options are available, such as covers, notebook paper, and ruled lines. Find the notebook that suits you.

 Production example 

* Will be updated from time to time

 Customize your notebook 

アセット 23.png

Create your own unique notebook online by customizing the rover, rules lines, and more according to your preferences and specifications.


Glossary (Go to blog site)

 Order flow 

2 Payment procedure

When the original design is completed, check the order details and amount,

Please complete the payment procedure.

3 Order completed

When your order is complete, you will receive an order acceptance email. (Automatic transmission)

  Depending on the type of payment procedure, after receiving the email

It will be paid.

4 Production, shipping

After confirming payment at Kenjosha, we will produce it within one week and ship it at any time. If you are far away, it may take some time before delivery.



1 Customize to your own specifications

You can choose from various variations such as paper and ruled lines.

Depending on the specifications, an additional charge may be applied as an option.

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